Many non-profit organizations are formed by caring people with the intentions of running great programs to help a cause.

It took two years for Heath to create
Life After The Game

Doing this alone was not possible.

Heath learned that he has many talents and contacts however he cannot administer a successful program in an efficient manner and that it will take many programs to properly help these veterans and athletes to a better life including fitness, mental health, financial training, family counseling and mentoring to name a few. By integrating the strong points of several successful programs and bringing the Veterans and athletes in to these programs Life After The Game will make the best use of funding. The programs used by Life After The Game are excited that Life After The Game can add a totally new element to their programs.

Barwis Performance

An organization dedicated to athletes and veterans rehabilitation and re-training. Barwis success stories are many including treatment of clients that were told they would never walk again and having them walk out of the door after attending Barwis, assisting veterans and athletes with mental health through fitness and counseling.

Home Base

A Boston Red Sox foundation that assists veterans. They have a strong presence in SW Florida and Boston. Their programs are in coordination with Mass General Hospital and Lee Health. They focus on mental health and rehabilitation. Life After The Game is assisting Home Base in enhancing their physical training and physical rehabilitation program along with Barwis. This program will be second to none. Veterans and Athletes working together have a much higher probability of success.


A conduit to bring vetted successful corporate executives together with the veterans and athletes. Corporate executives are encouraged to mentor these athletes and veterans going forward. Hopefully training them with skills and the cultural aspects necessary to begin a new career and make a better life for them and their families.

These are a few of the programs that Life After The Game works closely with. MLB, NFL, PGA and many other player alumni associations have voiced praise for the efforts of Life After The Game and Heath. It is the goal of Life After The Game that every penny goes toward the goals of re-habilitating athletes in every sport and veterans, and their families, to live a fruitful and happy life. In turn these athletes and veterans are asked to give back and help the athletes and veterans currently in these programs with moral support or in any way possible. Success breeds success.

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