Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Life After The Game is a nonprofit corporation created by former MLB all star pitcher Heath Slocumb. In his years since leaving the game successfully as a player and ultimately financially secure, Heath has felt the need to give back to the sport which changed his life. His own personal life’s lessons are an inspiration and comfort to those who have sought his advice.

The mission of Life After The Game is to assist active players, injured players seasoned athletes and Military Veterans who need assistance transitioning into new and fulfilling careers. Utilizing celebrity athletes and business leaders throughout the country, Life After The Game will help to educate, mentor and train these athletes and Veterans to become productive and financially secure providers for their families and communities.

Celebrity golf tournaments will be a funding source for Life After The Game. A large number of prominent, successful athletes have agreed to participate in golf tournaments with executives of major US corporations to fund the mission of Life After The Game. The team of placement specialists and life trainers will vet and assemble those athletes and Veterans who need assistance and are willing to work hard during training programs provided by experts in various fields.

Corporate executives participating in the golf events will be introduced to qualified candidates for placement within their organizations as most of corporate America is committed to training and re-training those who have had major life changes requiring new workforce skills.

Life After the Game will fund a program of mentorship within community youth sports programs. Retired or LATG professional athletes will provide these children with the perspective of how to play sports safely, for future financial reward and to have fun along the way.

The excitement of meeting and training with successful professional athletes and Military Heroes can be a major inspiration for our youth.

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